10 Outfits you Must Carry while on a Trip to Zanzibar

July 14, 2021
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Zanzibar is a beautiful island with long stretches of white sandy beaches, a rich history and culture, delicious seafood and local cuisine, and lots of fun water sports activities to explore!

The island has a Muslim population majority so if you plan on visiting Zanzibar, you must be respectful of the local culture. This includes wearing modest clothing that covers your knees and shoulders, especially for women!

Here are 10 outfits you must carry while on a trip to Zanzibar

  1. Maxi Dress

Maxi floral dresses make for the perfect beach outfit! While you might want to go shorter on the dresses, it’s a great idea to stick to maxi dresses so that you’re being respectful to the local culture.


  1. Knee-length skirt

If you want to go for a skirt, make sure you keep it at least to knee length. The longer, the better. Skirts make for a great fashion statement at beaches, too.


  1. Tops with sleeves

Make sure all your tops cover your shoulders and preferably have sleeves, too. If the rest of your body is covered, you can go sleeveless as well!


  1. Flip flops and sneakers

Don’t forget to keep a few pairs of flip flops. You’ll need them at Zanzibar’s gorgeous beaches! Make sure you keep comfortable sneakers as well for when you need to hike or walk.


  1. Rain jacket

Make sure you keep a lightweight rain jacket with you even if you’re not going in the rainy season. You might want to wear it while visiting waterfalls and other place where you’re likely to get water all over yourself!


  1. Swimming gear that covers your entire body

Make sure you buy appropriate swimming gear that covers your entire body. Zanzibar is home to stunning beaches with low tides where you can swim and enjoy other watersports activities. Make sure you have the proper gear to enjoy these activities!


  1. Hats

Wide-brimmed hats not only deliver an amazing fashion statement, but they also help protect you against the UV rays of the sun! Pack about 2 hats that match with your outfits so you can get the perfect Insta-worthy shot.


  1. Pashmina/Sarong

A pashmina/sarong makes for a great fashion piece and it can also help you cover up!


  1. Knee-length shorts (for men)

Make sure you have comfortable shorts that you can wear on the beach. Clothing restrictions aren’t as tight for men, but you’re expected to cover your lower body up to your knees.


  1. Comfortable trousers/leggings

You can pair your tops with comfortable leggings/trousers as well. Just make sure they’re breathable and cover your knees!


The weather in Zanzibar can be very hot and humid so make sure the outfits are made of breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Moreover, choose light colors because they give more beach-y vibes and don’t attract mosquitoes or flies.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Zanzibar and have a great time! Don’t forget to check out the 2021 Travel Guide for Tanzania while you’re there.

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