Zanzibar Airport Guide

September 26, 2019
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September 26, 2019
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On top of Africa Flightlink conquers Mt. Kilimanjaro
September 26, 2019

If you are heading through the Zanzibar airport, you are going to be spending some time here. You will find all the information you need on everything that is available in the airport here. This guide has all you need to know about lounges, Wi-Fi, charging points, and the facilities you can find in the airport. Here there are lockers, there are 24-hour food options as well as hotels that are very close.

What Can I Expect if I Plan to Spend the Night at the Airport?

The airport has a single terminal to service the domestic and the international flights. The facilities include an eatery with options. There are no shops inside the airport. There is Wi-Fi that is available in the two airport lounges which are open to everyone.

Where Can I Sleep?

While it seems some parts of the airport are open 24 hours, the doors are locked sometimes at night. You need to ensure that you have a backup plan if you are going to spend the night. You may want to stay at a nearby hotel, which all offer shuttle service from the airport.

What About Airport Lounges?

Regardless of the service and class that you are flying, the lounges can be entered by buying a pass at a membership program. You can also visit the lounge for more information about the individual lounge itself. All you need to access a lounge is an economy class ticket.

What Are the Lounges Available?

There are two lounges, one is the Paradise Arrival Business Lounge: This lounge is in Terminal 2 on the ground floor. This is for arrival flights only and it is open 24 hours. There are membership program passes as well as lounge membership passes here. The other lounge is the Dhow Lounge: the location is also in terminal 2, this is the lounge for international departures, there are membership programs as well as prepaid passes here to access the lounge.

What Hotels Are Nearby?

If you do not want to sleep in the airport, there are many other options that are nearby that will ensure you are very comfortable. One of these is the Zanzibar Ocean View Hotel. This hotel is just 5 minutes from the airport and has a shuttle to pick you up. A nice room is available for around 61.00 USD per night at the hotel.

Is Wi-Fi Available at the Airport?

There is a free Wi-Fi service that is available throughout the entire airport. There are also paid services that can be used in the airport for all your faster speed needs.

What Can Be Done During a Layover at the Airport?

There is a children’s play area at the airport which you can let the little ones have fun before the flight. The play area is by Gate 11.

Can I Exchange Currency at the Airport?

There is a currency exchange location on both sides of the airport.

Food and Drinks: Can I Get Something to Eat?

There are restaurants in the eatery and through the terminal for arriving and for departing flights.

Amenities that Are Not Available:

There is no luggage storage, there are no showers, and there are no reset zones.

Where Can I Smoke in the Airport?

You can smoke in the smoking zone, which is located near Zone 6.

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