Your Ultimate Guide to All You Can Eat in Zanzibar

November 28, 2019
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November 28, 2019
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Not only does Zanzibar have exotic beaches, scenic views and rich cultural heritage, but it also has delicious food that will make your taste buds feel like they’re in food heaven!

Owing to the multicultural history of Zanzibar, its cuisine, which is also called the Swahili cuisine, has many influences, Arab, Indian and Portuguese. Many spices and dishes were introduced into Zanzibar by its early colonizers, giving the place the distinct and to-die-for cuisine that it currently has! (The Zanzibar islands are knows as the ‘Spice Islands’.

Here is your ultimate guide to all you can eat in Zanzibar! Between enjoying the beaches and the boat rides, don’t forget to indulge in delicious local food filled with different spices.


  • Biryani

This dish has an Indian origin and it’s one of the favorite dishes among the locals! Lukmaan Restaurant in Zanzibar serves great Biryani! It’s a rice dish with chicken pieces and spices that add up to its flavor.


  • Ugali

Ugali is one of the most popular dishes in Zanzibar! In fact, you’ll be able to find it everywhere, from local vendors to high-end restaurants! You won’t have to go around looking for this dish!


  • Kachori

You will probably need to join the gym once you’re back after your vacation! The Kachoris in Zanzibar are to die for, but they’re just as unhealthy! They’re deep-fried potato snacks filled with spices to satisfy your taste buds. These can also be found at various street vendors almost everywhere in Zanzibar!


  • Octopus Curry

Octopus Curry is another delightful seafood dish that will leave you asking for more! Head over to the Rock Restaurant to get a taste of the best seafood along with a great view!



  • Zanzibar Pizza

The Zanzibar Pizza is far from traditional Italian pizza. It consists of fried dough with a minced meat topping. However, the toppings usually differ from place to place.


  • Mandazi

Also known as coconut donuts, these dough snacks are perfect for your afternoon cravings! They’re light, easy to make, and taste delicious!


  • Chipsi Mayai

Although this is a breakfast item, you can find it at various street vendors all across Zanzibar at any time of the day. It consists of fried eggs with fried potatoes!


  • Date bread with nuts

Looking for a snack to have with tea? Well, date bread with nuts has got you covered! This delicious bread will make you forget all the bread varieties that you’ve had back home.


  • Ndizi Soup

This soup is made of plantain cooked in chicken broth and it’s a very healthy food item! Moreover, it tastes delicious as well so it’s one of the many dishes of Zanzibar that you’ll miss when you’re back home.


  • Coconut Soup with beans

Coconut is a very widely used ingredient in Zanzibar, with its addition in soups, bread and other food items! Coconut soup tastes delicious and is commonly found everywhere in Zanzibar. Sipping coconut soup with beans by the seashore as the cool breezes of the sea give you chills is an unforgettable feeling!


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Zanzibar and eat all you can while you’re there!

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