Your Travel Essentials for Zanzibar

September 12, 2021
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Zanzibar is a stunning island with long stretches of white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees and bustling with activity. It’s a great place to learn more about the spice trade as well as the slave trade.

If you plan on going to Zanzibar, a little planning ahead will save you a lot of trouble.

Here are some travel essentials for Zanzibar that you should know about:

  • Clothing items

Make sure you have modest outfits with you to wear on the beaches. Bikinis and such outfits aren’t allowed in Zanzibar because it is a predominantly Muslim country so you should be respectful of the local culture and traditions and cover yourself modestly.

For women, you should cover yourselves till below your knees and also avoid wearing sleeveless tops. For men, it’s important to cover from the waist to a little above the thighs.


  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellant

Make sure you keep a good SPF 60+ sunscreen with you. Moreover, a mosquito repellant is a must because you don’t want to get malaria or other diseases. For the same reason, you should also keep a mosquito net with you.


  • Vaccination/Medications

Before traveling to Zanzibar, make sure you get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and other common diseases that are prevalent in the area. Moreover, you should also get prophylaxis medications for malaria.



  • Passport + Visa + Travel Documents

Make sure you have your passport, visa and other necessary travel documents with you all the time. Keep a few copies and photos of all your important documents as well.


  • Padlocks

It's a great idea to keep all your luggage and bags locked while they're in your hotel.


  • Electronic gadgets

Keep an adapter and 3-2 converter with you so that all your devices are compatible with the local voltage and switch plugs.


  • Zanzibar is a beautiful island with scenic landscapes and stunning beaches. Make sure you have a high-quality camera along with extra memory cards just in case your memory runs out.


  • ATM card
    Keep your ATM card with you. The ATM facility isn't available everywhere but it's available in the main cities.


  • Keep a money belt with you where you can safely keep all your cash.


  • Keep comfortable and thin clothes that keep you cool during the summer heat.


  • Make sure you pack a wide-brimmed hat to wear on the beach so that you're maximally protected against the UV rays of the Sun.


  • First Aid Kit

You should always carry a first aid kit with you no matter where you go. It should contain all the basic antiseptics, antibiotics and analgesics that would be required in case of any emergency.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Zanzibar and have a great time exploring the stunning island! Explore Tanzania with Flightlink to make your trip suited to your needs.

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