Top 8 Offbeat Things to do in Zanzibar

July 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021

The heavenly Zanzibar archipelago is a must-see for all travel lovers and adventure seekers. The pristine island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, where tourists can walk on the soft white sands, sit under the swaying palm leaves, or take a swim in the cool, crystal clear, blue waters. Travellers can enjoy amazing activities such as snorkelling among the colorful coral reef, watching the exotic and migratory birdlife, and water sports such as surfing, kiteboarding, sailing, and scuba diving. Here are the top 8 offbeat things that travellers can do on their memorable trip in Zanzibar!


  1. Join a Fish Auction

At Darajani Market, visitors can immerse themselves in the culture of Zanzibar by witnessing a fish auction! Every afternoon, the locals bargain till the best fish price wins, creating an exciting, competitive environment. Tourists can explore the lively market and buy some keepsakes and souvenirs. This can help the local economy.


  1. Stay at a Wellness Centre

It is important for people to treat themselves once in a while, so it is a great idea to visit a wellness centre where one can relax, unwind, and de-stress. SeVi Boutique Hotel is located at a secluded beach area in Kigomani, and offers facilities such as outdoor pools, a spa, and a wellness centre. The hotel is near the spectacular Mnemba Atoll, which is best for diving and snorkelling. The hotel has only one villa and 13 bungalows, so visitors can enjoy a calm and isolated stay. With views of the lush tropical gardens, the turquoise ocean, and sandy beach, the hotel is best for a relaxing experience. Tourists can walk in the reef in low tide, and dive and snorkel in high tide.


  1. Surf at Bwejuu Beach

Surfing is a fun-filled and exciting activity, and at the beautiful Bwejuu Beach, visitors can have a great experience. The gorgeous beach is excellent for its nightlife and cultural village life. Here, one can fully appreciate an enjoyable surfing experience as the beach has shallow waters, excellent tides, and helpful local guides.


  1. Visit the Slave Market Memorial

Zanzibar’s history is filled with stories of slave trade. The last slave market closed in 1873 in Stone Town, and in 1998, the memorial was made. The pit and the memorial are built where enslaved people were gathered for trade. Nearby, tourists can see a slave cellar, and an Anglican church where the whipping post used to be.


  1. Practice Yoga and Meditation

Travellers can plan to stay at a yoga retreat in Zanzibar. Paradise Immersion is a very exclusive retreat that provides services such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga sessions, nutrition workshops, juice therapy, ancient sunset fire rituals, personal training, and coaching. In this peaceful and supportive environment, guests can learn to connect to their inner or spiritual roots by learning Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. Guests need not have previous experience in yoga.


  1. Go on a Village Tour

At Jambiani, visitors can visit a beautiful remote village and meet the friendly locals who are carrying out daily life activities such as grinding millets with mortar pestles, thatching coconut palms and preparation of bread. Visitors can also go to a cassava plantation and see locals weaving baskets, floor mats, and brooms!


  1. Quad Bike Ride

At locations such as Kiwengwa, visitors can enjoy an adventurous quad bike tour! One can ride through lush forests, plantations, sandy beaches, villages, and off-road trails, experiencing the extraordinary beauty of Zanzibar in a unique and fun-filled way!


  1. Pongwe Beach

Tourists can also go to the secluded and serene Pongwe Beach. The remote destination is ideal for tourists who want to de-stress and unwind away from the crowds. The remote beach is perfect for a romantic getaway or a solo trip. The untouched, white-sand beach is lined with plush palm trees. Tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view of the flora and fauna, walk on the soft sand, or nap in a hammock!

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