Top 5 things NOT to do in Zanzibar

June 14, 2021
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A visit to Zanzibar is one of the most extraordinary experiences that a travel lover can enjoy. The heavenly Zanzibar archipelago offers scenic views, a unique culture, exciting activities, and spectacular flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy observing the breathtaking views and meeting the friendly locals. The local food is mouthwatering and allows guests to experience the unique flavors of Zanzibar’s spices and herbs. In their trip to Zanzibar, there are some tips that travellers need to remember. Here are the top 5 things that tourists should NOT do in Zanzibar:


  1. Wear Revealing Clothes

Visitors must always remember that Zanzibar has a dress code based on its core value of modesty. Tourists, both male and female, must never wear revealing clothes. They must always dress modestly, ensuring that they are at least covered from their shoulders to their knees. Revealing clothing might be seen as disrespectful to the local culture. Tourists must also never visit mosques without covering themselves properly, and women must cover their heads with a scarf. At beaches, bathing suits are acceptable, but nudity is not allowed. intend to visit a mosque, tourists must try to cover their heads as well. Travellers, and the tour guides that join them, can be fined at least $700 for dressing indecently.


  1. Disrespect the Locals

Being respectful to the local community is an essential aspect of any trip. Visitors should not photograph locals without permission, talk to children without getting consent from their parents or guardians, talk ill of any local customs or traditions, or humiliate anyone. The locals are very friendly and helpful, so tourists should maintain respect when interacting with them. They should also be sensitive about local culture and customs e.g. they should not show public displays of affection, or carry alcohol in public, as a show of respect for the region’s tradition.


  1. Travel Without a Mask

As the world is still facing a pandemic, it is necessary for tourists to take necessary precautions. Putting themselves, or the locals, under any risk is unacceptable. Tourists must adhere to social distancing guidelines, sanitize frequently, and wear a mask at all times. They should not go on the trip without obtaining a negative covid test result first.


  1. Harm the Environment

The natural environment of Zanzibar is breathtakingly beautiful and the gorgeous flora and fauna makes the island a paradise on earth. One should never harm the local environment or disturb the greenery of the region. The stunning environment of Zanzibar requires conservation and preservation, so tourists must ensure that they do not damage the beauty of the region. They should not pollute beaches or forests. It is illegal to buy any natural resources, such as seashells. Travellers also need permits in order to be able to visit some protected areas.


  1. Miss Out on Opportunities

Zanzibar is a unique and extraordinary place. Tourists should not limit themselves to a short trip, but should fully explore the region. A trip to the island can be unforgettable so tourists should not shy away from stepping out of their comfort zone, They should eat local foods such as Nyama Choma, Mshikaki, Mandazi, and Biryani, visit places such as the Rock, Pemba Island, Prison Island, Stone Town, and Nungwi Beach, and meet people from all over the world. A trip to Zanzibar should be full of excitement and enrichment, so travellers should not miss out on any opportunities, and instead, enjoy their vacation to the fullest.


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