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February 27, 2019
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Africa and Asia in it. From popular eating places like Peppers and Milan’s for Indian food, to the more cosmopolitan Pamoja Café, there are lots of places to dine in, here.

Tanga: The second largest port to Dar Es Salaam and a vital place for marine export, import and trade, Tanga was once an administrative centre for the Germans. A good way to spend time is to walk through the city looking at German architecture that still abounds. Life at Tanga is slow and peaceful, wide streets, a kind of shabby chic charm, architecture that’s fascinating and tons of two-wheelers all make for an interesting city. If you’re going beach hopping at Pangani, this is the place to start from. There are upmarket eateries in Ras Kazone, but the places in the centre of Tanga offer more inexpensive choices.

Mbeya: situated in the southwest of Tanzania, Mbeya has the potential of becoming a hot tourist destination. The Kiwira River is endowed with many stories and myths and is a popular stop. This is a bustling town that’s nestled in the shadow of the Loleza Peak. Its position in the railway line makes it an important junction for travel. Local style food abounds and makes for inexpensive meal choices.

Dodoma: The capital city of Tanzania is right in the middle of the country. If Dar Es Salaam is the commercial centre, Dodoma is the political hub. You’ll find east of the city the southern highlands if you travel to its east. Thanks to a rich and fertile soil, Dodoma is fast becoming home to a fledgling wine industry as well. It makes for a nice stopover and you can enjoy the scenery. Of special interest is the Irangi Hills; you can find some of Africa’s oldest prehistoric rock paintings here.

In all the places you visit, get in touch with the locals for a truly authentic experience for stay, food and travel.

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