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Tips for your first trip to Dar es Salaam

Tips for your first trip to Dar es Salaam

The largest city in Tanzania has a name that shows its culture- the name means a house of peace. Dar es Salaam is a place of peace. This does not mean that it’s a quiet place. Far from it-this former capital city is a vibrant multicultural space. If you’re visiting for the first time, keep these things in mind-

The city is well-connected- the airport at Dar es Salaam is the entry and exit point for tourists coming in to visit Tanzania. This makes the city a great point base for your African expeditions.

Dar es Salaam is famous for its artistic style- if you’re making a trip there do take a look at the Tingatinga style of painting. Created on masonite, the paintings have brilliantly bright colors and come in handy small sizes.

The port is important- the port of Dar es Salaam is the biggest in the country. It’s an important manufacturing centre and has a combination of light and heavy industries. Watching ships on the water is a pastime many travelers indulge in. If you love your wish, head down to the Kivukoni fish market and immerse yourself in the sights, tastes and smells of this unique market place.

Music is everywhere- the new kind of music which is all the rage is called Bongo Flava. As the name suggests it’s fast paced dance music and represents a combination of R&B and hip-hop. Bongo Flava is infectious and goes well with the spirit of the place.

Village Museum-you can get a taste of the village life at the Village Museum. Spread over 15 acres, the museum consists of traditional village dwellings, with authentic household items and such. Cultural activities are also a part of the tour.

The food is famous- because of the many different influences in the city, the food is a combination of different countries. There’s the sheesh kebab, and roasted meat dishes. Snacks like samosas are popular too. Apart from these, if you’re in the mood for international cuisine like Japanese and Chinese food, those are easily available in the country too.

The beaches are excellent- from Kigamboni in the South to the Bongoyo Island in the Msasani Slipway, the city is famous for its great beaches and marine activities. If you’re in the mood to swim or snorkel, or just loll on the beach, you can do it here and relax. A trip to Mbudya Island or Jangwani Beach is great to have fun.

Visit The National Museum and House of Culture-if you want a glimpse of the history of this nation, visit this place. You’ll learn about the tribes that call the country home, the slave trade that decimated this nation and the impact the rule of the British and the Germans had on the country.

Respect the soldier- at the Askari Monument, pay your respects to the African soldier of WW1. Rudyard Kipling’s words are inscribed in Swahili and English. This is a place you must visit.

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