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Things to Know Before You plan a Zanzibar trip

Zanzibar is not just one island, but a collection of islands. Each island as a lot to offer- Some are famous for their secluded beaches, others are a perfect site for scuba diving. Some are great for swimming, while others have beaches that are perfect to laze around on. Zanzibar has a rich marine life and you can find lobsters, eels, octopus and dolphin. There’s a beautiful experience to be had in the dhow- these traditional sailing boats are a perfect way to enjoy a slow pace of life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you plan your Zanzibar trip

  • Get your papers in order- like all countries, Zanzibar also has a list of documents travelers must possess. It has its own requirements for drivers as well. Get familiar with all the documents so that you can plan your trip properly.
  • Carry your medical kit with you- Zanzibar has a list of vaccinations a visitor needs to have (depending on your place of departure) taken before travel, so read up on those. Apart from this, if you’re on medication, make sure that you carry enough for the journey. Also make sure you create a kit with your go-to medicines.
  • Respect the culture- Zanzibar is a conservative nation that has its own rules for dressing and decorum. Reserve your swimming costume and shorts for the beach. While out on the town, make sure you wear a shirt or t shirt that covers your arms and shoulders. It’s important that visitors not alienate people in the country they are travelling to. This makes a good trip for everyone.
  • Check out the spices- Zanzibar has been known from ancient times for its fabulous spices. Make sure to make time for the spice experience. Tours are a popular choice. Travel to spice plantations, learn about how spices are grown and harvested, carry some spices home and appreciate the delightful fragrances of these wondrous ingredients. What’s more, tours often end with cookery demonstrations, so you can indulge in some delicious food as well.
  • Be watchful for water and food- the night market will surely be one of the places you visit, and rightly so. Make sure that your food is cooked fresh and in the case of seafood, caught fresh too. Same goes for meat dishes. Drink bottled water to steer clear of any nasty water-borne diseases. Enjoy all the deliciousness the country has to offer.
  • Experience the wildlife- from the Zanzibar red colobus at the Jozani Forest to the Pemba Flying Fox at Kidike, there’s a lot to see in Zanzibar. Do take in all the sights and learn more about the conservation efforts that the country is undertaking to preserve its wildlife.
  • Don’t miss Stone Town- this UNESCO World Heritage Site is on everyone’s list in Zanzibar. And it’s not hard to see why- the architecture, the lanes and the feel of the place will put you in a different time period altogether. You can easily spend a few hours here, learning about the country and its heritage.

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