The 6 Best Beaches in Dar es Salaam you should not miss

June 14, 2021
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The vivid and bustling city of Dar Es Salaam is a must-see for travel lovers during a vacation in Tanzania, as it offers an incredible insight into the busy and colorful urban life of the country. Travellers can visit the lively markets, the interesting National Museum, and the historical Askari Monument. The city allows visitors to learn about the rich lifestyle, culture, heritage, and history of Tanzania. Tourists can also travel to the beaches near Dar Es Salaam. Here are the six best beaches that should definitely be part of any travel plan for Dar Es Salaam!



The pristine Coco Beach, also known as Oyster Bay, is located in the beautiful Msasani Peninsula! Here, tourists can have an amazing time as they join parties, mingle with the friendly crowd, dance to uplifting music, attend concerts, and experience the great nightlife of the city at clubs like the New Maisha Club! Tourists can enjoy the stunning view of the white sands and blue waters while eating delicious fresh seafood! The amazing location offers a great insight into the local life of the region as tourists can visit the lively restaurants and bars, and meet friendly locals!


Another great beach in Dar Es Salaam is the breathtaking Mbudya Island beach that can be reached via a short ferry ride from the city. Visitors can enjoy the seclusion and tranquility of the beach, and enjoy some time away from the crowds as the island does not face many tourists. The sandy beach is serene and peaceful so travellers can relax while watching the crystalline ocean water. When the region is facing low tide, visitors can even enjoy an unforgettable snorkelling experience!



Mbezi Beach is located about 20 km north of Dar Es Salaam’s city centre. The pristine and untouched beach is an excellent diving location so it is ideal for tourists looking for adventurous and exciting activities to do in Dar Es Salaam. Those who want to relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere can appreciate the heavenly view of the lush, tropical surroundings!



The scenic Kigamboni Beach is another extraordinary beach location that travel lovers can visit on their trip to Dar Es Salaam. Here, visitors can go to Fun City, a water park that is currently the largest amusement park in all of East Africa, and allows tourists to enjoy swings, a bull ride, a ferris wheel, a zip line, a merry go round, rotating wheel rides, plane rides, bumper cars, go karts, bungee jumping, a free fall, water slides, spiral slides, and swimming pools! The location is also known as South Beach, and is the perfect spot for swimming or enjoying a relaxing dhow ride.



The paradisiacal Bongoyo Island is one of the best places to visit on a trip to Tanzania. The island is a marine conservation area and is home to scenic Bongoyo Island Beach where tourists can enjoy snorkelling, or go for a cooling swim. The island can be accessed via a leisurely boat ride, and is the perfect spot for a day trip. Tourists can enjoy walking on the beach, or eating seafood while watching the stunning coastline.



Another great spot that tourists should not miss is Bahari Beach, a quiet and peaceful beach where they can enjoy the tropical views and dreamy surroundings. They can try local seafood, visit nearby fishing villages to interact with locals, or enjoy exciting water sports such as kite surfing!


These beaches are amazing spots that any traveller must not miss during a trip to the extraordinary and unforgettable Dar Es Salaam!

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