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July 11, 2018
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Ten unusual things to do in Tanzania

Although Tanzania is famous as a world-class destination, you will find an array of other activities the country can offer – from ancient trading sites to marine reserves. Pristine beaches with turquoise waters make for unique and stunning contrast to game-filled plains and brown grasslands, making this magical country a favoured destination of many.

And while many visitors will inevitably plan for the familiar and well-trodden itineraries, there are those who come seeking something to pump their adrenaline and ignite their sense of adventure by exploring excitement and danger.

But unless you’re a daredevil willing to risk your limb, here are ten unusual things to do in Tanzania.

1. Mountain hikes

Tanzania offers many options for the avid mountain climber. The most favoured spots are Mounts Kilimanjaro and Meru, as well as the Crater Highlands.

2. Horseback safari

If you’re tired of viewing game while on a jeep, it is possible to do so while riding a horse. You can see passing giraffes or follow a herd of zebra, gazelles, antelopes, wildebeests unperturbed. You can also watch lions and other predators while at a safe distance. These are available between Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro.

3. Visit Rubondo national park

Rubondo national park safari destination is a Tanzanian island located on Lake Victoria. A fair number of visitors visit the island each year mainly bird enthusiasts and game fishers. It was established in 1965 and covers 456 sq km.

4. Elephants on the beach

There are very few places in the world where you will see elephants swimming on the beach, while lions and other predators hide close by. One such place is Saadani National Park in Tanzania.

Saadani is located between Bagamoyo, Pangani, and Zanzibar making it one of the few wildlife sanctuaries that border the sea.

5. Swimming with whale sharks

You can swim with whale sharks along Tanzania’s Mafia Island. Getting close and cosy with the largest fish in the ocean is a fabulous experience. The best months of the year to take a dip with the whale sharks is between October and February.

6. Take a Balloon safari

Enjoy the experience of a high floating flight on the expansive Serengeti National park while on a hot air balloon. This is an unforgettable experience where you get to see a unique panorama of savannah grassland covered with the Big Five and an assortment of other creatures.

7. Visit a Maasai village

You can pay a visit to a Maasai kraal village to experience their rich traditional lifestyle. You can join in one of the incredible dances where they soar to stunning heights, slaughter bulls as you watch and drink their fresh blood. If you’re lucky, you can experience combat between a Maasai youth and a male lion. This forms one of their unbelievable rights of passage.

8. Take a Spice Tour

Taking a spice tour in Zanzibar island should be a significant part of your itinerary. This is an organized trip where you get a chance to see how cloves and other spices are grown and cultivated, processed and packaged. You will also sample a variety of dishes prepared with the spices.

9. Cycle the country

Taking a bike tour of Tanzania can be a fantastic experience. Starting in Arusha, you can circle the Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains before heading for the Usambara Hills, Mwanza alongside lake Victoria before embarking on the long trip to the coast of Dar es Salaam.

10. Visit Olduvai Gorge

If you have a passion for early man and other prehistorical memorabilia, then visiting the Olduvai Gorge is a good idea. See how the famous archaeologist Richard Leakey managed to assemble assorted pieces of stone and bones to discover the first primates that became the modern man.

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