Sightseeing Places in Dar es Salaam

May 7, 2020
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May 7, 2020
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May 7, 2020

Dar es Salaam is a lively and bustling city in Tanzania. Its port serves as the main port in Tanzania and is the gateway to the beautiful islands of Tanzania!

Dar es Salaam has a lot to offer to the tourists visiting the city. Here are a few of the sightseeing places in Dar:



  1. National Museum and House of Culture

The National Museum and House of Culture contains many different displays of African art and history. It is known for its display on the evolution of mankind. It’s an interesting museum that you should stop by to learn the history of Tanzania!


  1. Old Boma

The Old Boma is an impressive old building constructed by Majid bin Said in the 19th century. The building is now home to the Dar es Salaam Centre for Architectural Heritage (DARCH). The door of the Boma has an interesting Zanzibar style to it!



  1. Saint Joseph’s Cathedral and Azania Front Lutheran Church

Constructed at the end of the 19th century by the Germans, both these buildings are beautiful and impressive. They represent German architecture. You can also attend services at the Azania Front Lutheran Church which take place in English and Swahili.



  1. Askari Monument

The Askari Monument is located at the heart of the city and was built as a tribute to the African soldiers who fought in World War I. The monument consists of a bronze statue of a soldier holding a firearm in his hand. Memorial drawings and inscriptions are carved on plates on each side of the base of the statue.



  1. Village Museum

The Village Museum is not really a museum in the traditional sense, but rather an exhibit where you’re allowed to touch and even hold the articles on display. It consists of over 15 huts that represent over 15 Tanzanian ethnic tribes. You can enter the furnished huts and explore around. You can even pick up the objects inside the huts and observe them.

Traditional dances are performed at the museum every day. Don’t forget to watch those!



  1. Bongoyo Island

Get a ferry from the Slipway Centre and head over to this beautiful pristine island! You can order food on the island or you can also take your food for a picnic there. It’s a great place to relax and chill out after a stressful week in the city!



  1. Mbudya Island

Take a break from city life and head over to Mbudya Island for a relaxing and fun day out. There’s a forest trail on the island for you to walk on. The island has many huts that you can rent. To get to the island, you need to take a ferry from the White Sands in Dar!



  1. Tanzania Centre for Cultural Heritage

This is the best place to get some souvenirs and contribute to the local economy! The cultural heritage has amazing art displays and pieces that represent East African culture. Even if you’re not up for buying anything, it’s a good idea to just stroll around and explore their cultural items.


  1. Kariakoo Market

This vibrant and lively market is a must-visit! You can get all sorts of things here ranging from clothes to spices. It’s a bustling market lined by small stalls. If you like an item at the market, don’t forget to bargain the price for it!


  1. Coco Beach

Unlike other beaches in Tanzania, Coco Beach is usually occupied by the locals instead of tourists. Therefore, the beach has cheap restaurants and bars lining it. Visiting the beach is a great way of interacting with the locals!


  1. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens contain rare plant species that are found only in Tanzania. The coco-de-mer tree is the highlight of the Garden. The Garden was made in the 19th century, so it’s a historically significant garden!


So, what are you waiting for? Visit these places in Dar es Salaam and have a great time!

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