Secluded Beaches for Your Zanzibar Beach Vacation

October 31, 2022
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Zanzibar is a magical place to visit for your next beach vacation. The tropical island has some of the best beaches in the world where you can take in the sun, enjoy water sports, socialize, and enjoy magical vibes. The island has so many spectacular white sandy beaches where you can have a moment to reflect on your life. However, its popularity can become extremely crowded on some main beaches. If you prefer peace, you can always visit these secluded beaches for your Zanzibar beach vacation:

Matamwe Beach

Matamwe Beach is a secluded beach perfect for relaxing in the afternoon and enjoying the breathtaking views. You can also watch the local women harvesting seaweed to make soap. The beautiful village beach is a great place to escape the crowds and enjoy the quality time under the sun.

Jambiani Beach

Jambiani Beach has a laid-back vibe where you can chill under the sun. The beach is a great place to spend quality time relaxing on the white sandy beach with a great view of the crystal clear waters. You can also go swimming or snorkeling, depending on the tide. The coral reef is magical. If you want to stay out of the waters, you can always stroll though Jambiani Village and enjoy the therapeutic sounds of the water.

Jambiani is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, elevating the zen-like experience you will have.

Bwejju Beach

Bwejju Beach is another serene beach you may want to check out. Located on the east side of Zanzibar, the beach has magnificent views and scenery. The coast is lined with beautiful palm trees. It is also a great place to stroll, interact with the locals, and learn more about their culture.

Nakupenda Beach

Nakupenda Beach is close to the iconic Stone Town. You will be stunned by the calmness and beauty of this beach. You can enjoy many activities here, including snorkeling, diving, and swimming. The beach is also surrounded by great seafood restaurants where you can find some of the best-cooked lobsters in town. The beach is also great for enjoying a peaceful day sunbathing while getting lost in the rhythmic waves.

Kizimkazi Beach

Situated on the island's southwest coast, Kizimkazi Beach is a secluded beach accessible to tourists staying at the resort. The scenic beach is a getaway from the crowded tourist spots in Zanzibar. You can relax and enjoy the sun, knowing you will not have to worry about the noise. The beach also doesn't have many locals nearby because the resort is far away from the main tourist attractions.

Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island is a private and exclusive getaway island where you can enjoy time to yourself, far away from the crowds. The secluded island does not get many tourists because it can be pricey to visit and stay on it. The luxurious resort is a perfect treat, and you do not have to worry about the locals here as well. It is probably the best and most secluded beach in Zanzibar. The white sandy beaches have spectacular views, and the pristine waters are a sight you will not forget. You will be at peace when you relax at the beach here.

Zanzibar's serene and captivating beaches will make you want to stay on the island forever. When you want to return to the mainland, you can read about our Top 10 Tanzania Travel Tips to make the most of your vacation.

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