Flight route from Mombasa to Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, a city in the northern part of Tanzania is the most popular and famous city also known as Moshi. Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world is located in this beautiful city which is surrounded by many other beautiful places and attractions.

Distance, time and modes of travel

The flight takes about 30 minutes on average from Mombasa airport (MOI) to Kilimanjaro airport (KIA) and the whole flight covers 279 km.

What to expect during flight

During your flight you will be able to see nice views from above and meanwhile it is a short flight you will enjoy seeing how the views changes from serene ocean to mountainous green views.

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Kilimanjaro Airport

KIA is an international airport which serves both domestic and international flights. The airport is the gateway to many tourist points in the northern circuit of Tanzania and there are few domestic flights to other tourist points in the other parts of Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Attractions

Most famous for Mountain Kilimanjaro, the city is home to other attractions like Materuni waterfalls and coffee plantations tour, Kikuletwa hot spring, Lake Chala, city tour and more.

Highlights of Kilimanjaro