Peaceful Beaches in Zanzibar

December 28, 2018
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December 28, 2018
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December 28, 2018

Zanzibar offers some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. Are you looking for a nice way to relax after a mainland safari? If you want to simply chill out, sun bathe and enjoy some quality time with a view of the Indian ocean, then these are some of the most peaceful beaches in Zanzibar.

  1. Bwejuu Beach

This beach is considered among the best beaches anywhere in Zanzibar. It has white sands, is quiet and is situated on the southeast coast of the island. If you want to get to Bwejuu beach from Stone Town, it will take just an hour and a half.

Bwejuu beach doesn’t have traffic and is a quiet place to relax and for the traveler that requires privacy. And if you feel like taking part in some activities there are plenty to do and see here. Explore the mangrove forest or even head to the village of Bwejuu and interact with the locals.

You can also snorkel, or head out to a reef safari. There is also the Jozani forest where you can spot rare wildlife that is native to Zanzibar or enter the narrow streets of Stone Town.

Bwejuu beach also offers some of the best resorts such as the family run Baraza resort and spa or the Breezes beach bar and dive center.

  1. Paje Beach

Paje beach is also located in the south east of Zanzibar. It features white sands and while it has a village on one side, doesn’t see much human traffic.

There are however plenty of watersports that you can partake in here form kitesurfing to snorkeling. Thanks to the warm waters of the Indian ocean, Paje beach is also one of the best places to go scuba diving. You can spot turtles, moray eels, trumpet fish, starfish and plenty others.

  1. Pongwe beach

One of the best and most pristine beaches for swimming in Tanzania is Pongwe beach.  Dense vegetation on one side and the open ocean on the other, Pongwe is an ideal and quite retreat.  It is known for its stunning beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

One of the reasons why Pongwe beach is so peaceful and beautiful is because it has an offshore reef. This keeps water calm. You can also snorkel and dive to see the beautiful marine creatures.

  1. Kendwa Beach

Kendwa beach is considered a sister beach to Nungwi and is a quiet location to enjoy some quality time along the ocean. One of the most interesting things about this beach is that the tide doesn’t change. Its waters are clear which makes them ideal for snorkeling, swimming as well as diving.

Just off shore, you will see plenty of colorful starfish. And when the sun begins to set, pick a spot and enjoy the colorful and spectacular sunset.

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