List of adventurous things you can do in Zanzibar

March 9, 2020
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March 9, 2020
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March 9, 2020

Zanzibar is one of the most amazing tourist spots in the world, being home to some of the most beautiful beaches, unique swahili culture, exotic flora and fauna, and offering fun, serenity, scenic views, adventure, knowledge, enrichment, and relaxation to visitors! With a rich culture, heritage, and history, diverse landscapes, pleasant atmosphere, and a wide range of opportunities for adventure, this East African island is one of the best travel destinations in the world. For those who seek some adventure during their trip, here's a list of adventurous things they can do in Zanzibar!

  • Parasailing

One of the best opportunities offered by Zanzibar is parasailing, which allows the tourist to have a once in a lifetime experience! Parasailing is a kiting activity where the tourist is towed behind a boat, while connected to a parasail wing. This fun ride is a great idea, and with Zanzibar Parasailing, visitors can easily book a ride. In Nungwi and Kendwa beach, the tourist can enjoy a parasailing experience to see the scenic views of the sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, and crystalline waters! 


  • Jet ski tour

Another great experience (also offered by Zanzibar ParaSailing),  is a Jet Ski Tour, which allows the visitor to see the beauty and magical sights of Zanzibar from a different perspective! At Kendwa, Nungwi, Tumbatu Island, Pongwe, and Mnemba, adventure seekers can enjoy a jet ski ride. 

  • Kayaking

Kayaking is a great idea for tourists who seek some adventure! This allows them to explore the breathtaking beauty of Zanzibar's coral reefs, and to improve the flexibility and strength of the body. Kayaking tours are ideal for those who want fun and adventure as well as beautiful and scenic views. 

  • Quad bike tour

At locations such as Kiwengwa in Zanzibar, visitors can enjoy a quad bike tour where they ride through lush forests, plantations, local villages, and sandy beaches, and on off-road trails, seeing the extraordinary beauty of Zanzibar on the way! Quad biking is fun, and a once in a lifetime experience!

  • Cycle tour 

Zanzibar is a big island, but visitors can cycle its circumference! Many tours allow travellers to enjoy a cycle tour where they can bike through villages and observe the local life, or through nature and observe the exotic flora and fauna! A cycle tour of Zanzibar allows visitors to experience the beauty and magic of Zanzibar through a unique, unforgettable perspective!

  • Snorkelling

Snorkelling is a magical activity, available at beaches across Zanzibar, such as Paje, Dongwe, Mnemba, Matemwe, Pongwe, and Kizimkazi. Swimmers take in the panoramic views and observe marine life through a rare perspective. Some tourists may choose scuba diving as well, which allows them to dive deeper into the world and spot even more marine life, including coral reefs, sea horse, green turtle, nudibranch, shrimp, octopus, moray eel, humpback whale, cuttlefish, and reef shark. At Kizimkazi, travellers can even swim with the dolphins!

  • Paddle Board

The mangrove forest and lagoon in Zanzibar's south east is stunning, and away from the crowds! Here, tourists can enjoy stand up paddle boarding which is a fun and athletic experience!

  • Dhow ride

A visit to Zanzibar is incomplete without a dhow ride. Dhows are traditional boats, which can be taken for transport as well as leisure. Tourists could ride into the sunset, or take a dhow to explore the tranquil waters.

  • Henna

Another interesting experience to have, is to get a henna tattoo! Locals can draw intricate designs on the visitors body with henna, which is a nice way to contribute to the local economy and to learn from the local culture!

  • Jozani Forest

Walking through the lush green Jozani Forest and observing the wildlife is a great idea! Tourists can spot many species of butterflies and colorful birds, as well as Red and Black Colobus Monkeys, leopards, bush pigs, sykes, lizards, snakes, and antelopes. Nearby, at Joriefa Park, visitors can hold animals such as pythons, chameleons, and giant tortoises!

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