Lesser Known Towns in Tanzania

October 31, 2022
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October 31, 2022
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October 31, 2022

Tanzania is a stunning East African country filled with surprises. The beautiful country has a decorated past and rich culture that shines in every corner. The people are welcoming, and many local towns are proud to invite tourists as guests. The experience you will have will stay with you forever. Of course, you can visit famous places; however, Tanzania's true beauty lies in its hidden gems. These are some lesser-known towns in Tanzania you do not want to miss during your next vacation:


Kilindoni is a quiet and peaceful town on Mafia Island. Mafia Island is a great place to visit because few tourists travel here, allowing you to soak in the beauty without the bustling crowds. Kilindoni is a must-visit place because of its scenic and peaceful beach. You can also explore the stunning underwater world. It is a great place to swim or snorkel.


Kigoma is situated on Lake Tanganyika. The town is engulfed in German colonial influences, with beautiful buildings and architecture to admire. The views of the spectacular lake will captivate you as well. You can also catch a glimpse of the rare rainbow cichlid fish in the lake. And once you are done exploring this town, there are other hidden and unique villages you can visit nearby, such as Katonga. 


Moshi is a great place to view the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. The breathtaking views alone are enough to convince people to visit this town. It also offers exciting activities, such as horse riding. The town has many other fun activities and spots, including the Kikuletwa hot springs, Lake Chale, and Materumk waterfalls.


Mwanza is a peaceful town located on the pristine Lake Victoria. The town's location also provides visitors with scenic views of the beautiful hills that surround the town. You should also visit the bustling Maasai and Mwaloni markets for an authentic cultural experience. Other attractions include Saa Nane National Park and Robert Koch Hill.


Iringa is another beautiful and lesser-known town in Tanzania. It is located near the well-known Little Ruaha River. The town's location provides a great view of the beautiful river. You can also learn more about the local culture by interacting with the people here. They are welcoming and always want to share their culture with tourists. You can also visit the Commonwealth War Graves and Isimila Stone Age Site to learn more about the region's history. 


Tanga is a town where you can go to relax and enjoy your peaceful surroundings. It is another fantastic place to explore the local culture. In addition, the town has beautiful landscapes, including lagoons, bays, and mangrove forests. You can also go on a nature walk through Amani Forest, where you will encounter blue monkeys, geckos, butterflies, duikers, and many other animals.

Tanzania is full of unique, beautiful, and stunning surprises. So many towns and villages are not as well known because they aren't publicized. However, these places are not to be missed because you can learn so much about the history and culture of the region. You can continue to Explore Tanzania with Flightlink to find the best places for your next visit.

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