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May 24, 2018
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Grab Best Cuisines And Dishes In Arusha

In addition to national parks, the imposing Mount Kilimanjaro, and beautiful landscapes, Arusha boasts a robust dining scene, with everything from spicy samosa stalls to five-star gourmet restaurants. The cuisine can be ethnically diverse and offer a wide selection of meats, with some offering charcoal-grilled barbecues and Indian spices while others made to order vegan recipes. So if you’re looking for a place to eat in Arusha after a long day on safari, then relax and order a meal in one of these restaurants.

Fifi's restaurant

Located at Arusha city centre, Fifi’s restaurant is a favourite place for breakfast, with fresh muffins, coffee, and free wifi. Here’s a spot to catch up on your morning plans and news while you prepare yourself for the day ahead. Their lunch and dinner menus are delicious and draw vast hordes of tourists and locals alike. With its superb food, great ambiance, and free internet, Fifi’s ranks among the favourites for any meal while visiting Arusha.

Blue Heron

This joint is extremely popular with Arusha’s expatriate crowd. The menu features elegant and appetizing delicacies such as vegetarian schwarmas, lamb or mozzarella focaccia. Their food quality is very good and although everything is made to order, the waiting time is not long.

Bigg Bites

Popular with both well-heeled locals, budget-backpackers and hardcore travelers, Bigg Bites is an Arusha institution whose major drawing point is its well made Indian cuisine. The main attractions include their tasty tandoori dishes, a broad menu of vegetarian choices and refreshing lassi – a yogurt-based drink that is delivered in salty and sweet variants.

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf is located on a quiet, green patch on Arusha’s eastern suburbs, and is considered to be among the city’s best restaurants. It offers two menus, one a traditional north Indian cuisine while the other is Continental. The menu features such delicacies as the slow-cooked Kilimanjaro lamb shanks served with hot cabbage. Barbecued citrus prawns sauteed with garlic and spring chicken Ballotine.

La Patio

This is the latest, newest and the biggest attraction in Arusha. It has a lovely garden and fountain at the centre creating an L shaped dining hall and bar. It is one of the most popular for group dining with friends or intimate dates with loved ones. It is reputed to have the best hamburgers in northern Tanzania and draws large groups of diners both young and old. Millennials in Arusha form the most massive client base. The other food options include sandwiches and creative pizzas. Liquor and wine selections are also quite extensive making it a choice destination for dinner dates before venturing into the heavier night spots of Arusha.


Famous for its assorted milkshakes and tasty hamburgers, Africafe is a spot where you’re likely to find a right mix of tourists, expats and locals alike. It is such a crowd puller that during the lunch hour, it is difficult to get a free table. If you’re looking to relax while visiting Arusha, Africafe has an excellent reputation for its amazing Sunday brunch especially if you wish to while away a Sunday morning


Dining out in Arusha is a great experience. The owners of most restaurants are extremely welcoming to visitors and on a good day, offer free snacks and refreshments like sodas, juices, kebabs, and samosas on the house. Others provide delicious lassi drinks that come in flavours such as mango, lemon, pineapple, and papaya. So step out today and grab the best food in Arusha.

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