Bongoyo Island, Dar Es Salaam Day Trips

July 25, 2022
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The paradisiacal Bongoyo Island is a part of Dar Es Salaam’s marine conservation area, and is one of the best beach locations to visit on a trip to Tanzania. The island is home to the scenic and pristine Bongoyo Island Beach where tourists can enjoy snorkeling, or go for a cooling swim. Visitors in the bustling city of Dar Es Salaam can take a day trip to this stunning island, and enjoy a relaxing and exciting day full of beach fun! Here is a guide for tourists who want to enjoy a day trip at Bongoyo Island during their vacation!


Located around 12km off of Dar Es Salaam’s coastline, Bongoyo Island is one of the closest beaches to the city. Tourists can take a ferry or boat from Slipway center and embark on a 30 minute journey to the island. The ride costs around $20, and the boats do not leave till there are more than 4 passengers, so tourists might have to wait for more people to show up before they depart. The boat ride can be fun as tourists can enjoy the view and may get splashed. However, those who are prone to seasickness should avoid this journey.


Tourists can relax on the sandy beach, or take a short walk. As it is often hot and sunny, they can get little huts called shade bandas. Visitors can enjoy delicious fresh seafood, and dishes such as calamari, red snapper, crab, chips, squid, and grilled chicken. The food is inexpensive and of good quality! Travelers can also bring their own food and drinks to the beach. Sunbathing on the sand after eating is a relaxing and peaceful activity.


After relaxing at the beach and enjoying a lovely lunch, tourists can take part in exciting activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and boating. The water is clean and cool, and the swim is safe and comfortable for beginners as well as advanced swimmers. Snorkeling can be a refreshing experience, as tourists can spot stunning marine plants. Nature lovers and adventure seekers can also enjoy hiking, as there is a nice trail on the beach, which offers scenic views of the vivid greenery, and the stunning flora and fauna! The white sands, clear sky, turquoise water, and plants such as palms and pine trees make the beach the perfect location for photography. Tourists can take pictures of themselves and of their surroundings, so they keep the photographs as mementos from their day trip!


The beach has recently gotten polluted, with dead corals, plastic bottles, and items such as toothbrushes on the sand. Tourists should be mindful about caring for the environment when they visit the beach, and should take their trash away with them when they leave. Another important thing to remember is to take sunscreen, as the sun tends to be very bright, and tourists might sunburnt if they do not adequately protect their skin.


A day trip to Bongoyo Island is a great idea, as tourists can enjoy a range of activities and can have a good time relaxing and unwinding away from the busy city. The beach is not very crowded, and has less hassle than popular locations such as Zanzibar. The island is a great place to visit for people of all ages, so visitors can come here with their families as well. Spending a day at Bongoyo can be a memorable experience, as tourists eat lunch, walk or hike on the beach, swim in the cool water, or enjoy a fun-filled boat ride!

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