Best Areas & Beach Towns to Explore in East Africa

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April 15, 2021
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April 15, 2021


If you want an extraordinary and unforgettable vacation, East Africa is the perfect destination for you to visit. This wonderful region is home to the most unique cultures, beautiful destinations, rich histories, and stunning flora and fauna. East Africa will welcome you, and give you the time of your life! Here are the best areas and beach towns that you can explore during your special trip. 


  1. Lake Nakuru

In Kenya’s Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru is a scenic location for tourists to explore. The area is famous for its pink flamingo population, and the amazing Lake Nakuru National Park, which is home to spectacular wildlife such as black and white rhinos, giraffes, warthogs, wild dogs, baboons, lions, cheetahs, zebras, buffaloes, leopards, vervet and colobus monkeys, and waterbucks! You can also enjoy birdwatching, as you can spot beautiful exotic birds such as starlings, weavers, fish eagles, storks, hammerkops, and yellow-billed pelicans! 


  1. Ushongo Beach

Ushongo Beach is a great beach town in Tanzania’s north coast. The traditional fishing village is largely untouched by tourism. The locals are friendly and may let you join them for a fishing trip. The sea does not get strong currents so you can swim in the cool waters. You can enjoy a day trip to Maziwe Island, which is known for its coral reef, and is a perfect spot for snorkeling during low tide!


  1. Stone Town

Stone Town is one of the most spectacular locations in East Africa. Located in Zanzibar, this gorgeous beach town has a fascinating culture and heritage that you will love to explore. Walk in the winding streets, take a dhow trip to Prison Island, relax on the sandy beach, visit the museums or the Old Fort, or enjoy mouth watering street food at the amazing Forodhani Night Food Market. This beach town will provide anything you need to have a wonderful vacation. 


  1. Mwanza, Tanzania

Located on the gorgeous Lake Victoria, Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania, and is surrounded by beautiful hills. You can visit the traditional Maasai Market, and Mwaloni Market, where you buy souvenirs, meet locals, and learn about the region. You can also visit Robert Koch hill or Saa Nane National Park to find scenic landscapes and stunning flora and fauna. Another great idea is to enjoy a boat ride on the spectacular lake. The region is home to  animals such as hippos, mongooses, waterbucks, otters, and reedbucks.


  1. Pemba Island

One of the most breathtaking spots in all of East Africa, Pemba Island is a great location to visit on your vacation. This remote area is also known as the “Green Island” for its lush vegetation and natural beauty. You can visit the lush green Ngezi Forest Reserve to appreciate the stunning flora and fauna, or take a trip to Vumawimbi Beach, an untouched stretch of white sand, where you can enjoy privacy and tranquility. A visit to the 13th Ras Mkumbuu ruins can be fulfilling, as you can see several elaborate graves, and an 11th century mosque!


  1. Kendwa Beach

Kendwa Beach is one of the most amazing beaches of Zanzibar. Here, you can relax on the soft sand, swim in the ocean, or enjoy the scenic view of the blue water and swaying palm leaves. The best time to visit is during the full moon, when the beach hosts exciting and fun-filled full moon parties. You can find local singers, dancers, fire-eaters, and acrobats, and interact with the locals!


These great locations are perfect for you to have a memorable and enriching vacation, enjoying experiences that can change your life forever! 

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