Beach and Dive Holiday Guide for 2019 – Explore Tanzania with Flightlink

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May 1, 2019
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May 1, 2019
Beach and Dive Holiday Guide for 2019 - Explore Tanzania with Flightlink

Beach and Dive Holiday Guide for 2019 - Explore Tanzania with Flightlink

Beach and Dive Holiday Guide for 2019 – Explore Tanzania with Flightlink


If you need peace and quiet in an unspoiled, almost untouched natural environment, a beach holiday that is slow and calming, head to Mafia, in the southeast of Tanzania. Spectacular flowers, plants and trees, mangroves that dip down into the blue water, clean white sands and some of the best coral reefs in the world- this is Mafia in a nutshell. Flightlink will fly you to Dar Es Salaam, and from there it is a 35-minute hop into Kilindoni, every day. From here, make your way to Utende, Chole Bay where some of the best lodges in the region are located. This is the diving hub of the island too. Since Mafia is not as well-known as its other counterparts, you can be assured of an uncrowded diving experience here. If you’re looking to acquaint yourself with the giants, Mafia should be your destination of choice. In August and September, you can go on Humpback Whale Tours and October to February, you can go Whale Shark spotting.



It’s not just the spices that bring people to Zanzibar. It’s the waters as well. No matter what kind of diver or snorkeler you are, Zanzibar has something for you. With more than 30 dive sites and different experiences to choose from-wall, wreck and reef diving, Zanzibar is a great destination for a beach holiday. You can be assured of spotting any number of the more than 500 types of marine life that make their home in the water. For big fish enthusiasts, there is Leven Bank where you can find tuna, trevally and kingfish. Perhaps the most spectacular specimen of marine life is the whale shark and you can spot it in Zanzibar if you travel to the 7 kilometre reef called Mnemba Atoll. This place is bound to impress you; it’s conservation done right. A trip here is not just fun but enjoyable as well. Paje, Kendwa, and Pongwe are some of the most popular beaches in Zanzibar.



The fact that it’s called the ‘Green Island,’ tells you a lot about this magnificent island. Verdant lush greenery is a perfect backdrop for the waters around the island. The Swiss Reef, an underwater mountain range is a popular choice for the experienced diver. Divers go here for some of the best drift diving in the world.  If you’re a novice, then stick to House Reef and Shimba Hills. An added attraction is the impressive range of coral in the waters here. Great visibility and perfect water temperature make Pemba a must-visit destination for a beach holiday.



Better known as Prison Island, Changuu is home to the giant tortoise species, some of them 150 years old. Peacocks and butterflies abound here and it’s a great island to walkabout. The waters are clear, the beach is warm and the weather can get quite humid. Kick back with a drink or take a swim in the waters for a relaxing time.

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