Adventure Honeymoon Guide for Tanzania

September 6, 2020
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August 7, 2020
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September 6, 2020

Tanzania is Africa’s top honeymoon destination with its bush and beach safaris, beautiful parks that are home to the Big Five and a stunning seaside shore touching the Indian Ocean. It’s a great place to embark on an adventurous ride with your significant other!

Here are some of the best places to visit on your adventure honeymoon in Tanzania:


One of the safest and most ideal honeymoon locations in Tanzania, Zanzibar is sure to make your trip very memorable.

This safe haven is the perfect place for love to bloom, creating the foundation on which a happy life filled with romance and content can be built. It’s home to luxurious resorts that offer candlelight dinners by the beach and special offers for honeymooners! You can also participate in adventurous water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing and many others. Don’t forget to take a dhow sunset cruise with your significant other. Watching the beautiful sunset while you’re alone in the middle of the Indian Ocean is one of the most romantic things ever!

Mafia Island

This beautiful island off the southern coast of Tanzania is tranquil and peaceful. It’s the perfect place to enjoy special moments in the empty sandy-white beaches while sunbathing together. You can also splash around in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian ocean. 

Go snorkeling or for a deep dive with whale sharks and explore the colorful coral reefs together!

Prison Island

Originally intended and prepared for prisoners (but who were never kept there), it’s now ironically transformed into a luxurious getaway for you and your beloved. 

Escape the busy life of cities and go for a romantic cruise as you drift through the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, watch the stars dance across the blanket of the night while talking about everything and nothing at the same time with your partner or walk hand in hand around the shore admiring not only each other but the picturesque view of the sunset over the tranquil waters. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the giant tortoises that call this island home, some of which are more than 100 years old!

Pemba Island

Perched near the top part of Tanzania’s Zanzibar Archipelago is a lush green island called Pemba Island. It is separated from the mainland by The Pemba Channel, which is filled to the brim with many sea creatures, colorful coral reefs and larger fish that you would expect to see in only the most unspoiled of areas!

Remote, wistful, undeveloped but for a handful of good options, Pemba is what Zanzibar was 20 years ago. A real haven for individualists and space lovers.

Stroll down the sandy white coast hand in hand while watching the sky’s color change as the sun dips behind the horizon of sparkling blue waters of the ocean.

Serengeti National Park

Picture rolling plains of Africa framed by Acacia trees, leaves drifting in the soft pleasant breeze while lions rest on rocks and zebras trot steadily towards the Masai Mara in Kenya, along with millions of wildebeest. The soft grass and rich soil under your feet are comforting and give you a sense of connection with nature, while your hand clasped tightly with your beloved’s reassures you and fills you with contentment as you watch The Great Wildebeest Migration continue onwards together.

This beautiful large reserve has many campsites where you can stay in a tent and be treated like royalty. Private tents for newly-weds and delectable meals served fresh give this amazing trip a touch of luxury.

Ruaha National Park

The landscapes of this remote park are kept pristine, creating the perfect atmosphere for an authentic and intimate safari experience.

Go for a game drive in the day, preferably at the end of the dry season, to get up close and personal with the wildlife of Ruaha National Park. Herds of giant African elephants roam the plains, while various predators wait out the sweltering heat under shades of baobab and acacia trees.

If you two are fellow night owls, you might prefer something at a later time, to which there are offers of romantic balloon safaris. Fly over the savannah while the moon and stars light up the skies, burning with a passion so rarely witnessed in cities where light pollution is a problem. 

Your chance to make amazing memories to start off your marriage is waiting right here, in the grasslands of Tanzania! Explore Tanzania with Flightlink and have the most adventurous honeymoon!

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