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A Guide to Zanzibar Beaches

Though Zanzibar is a beautiful archipelago that offers plenty of amazing experiences and scenery, it is the main island Unguja which is commonly known as Zanzibar. Among what Zanzibar is blessed with are beaches with plenty to offer that choosing one can be quite the daunting task.

Let’s begin by noting that all of Zanzibar’s beaches are spectacular. However, since there are different things and experiences at different beaches, you will want a guide as to which places best suits your trip.

Whetherit’s the clear waters of the Indian ocean or white sands you chase, you will find them here at Zanzibar.

1. Northern Coast

As you travel towards the northern coast, youwill likelynotice less and less crowds. This rule of thumb however doesn’t apply to the party areas of Zanzibar, the north. There are flatter waters in the northern coast. Some excellent beaches to be found here include Nungwi and Kendwa. These beaches can be enjoyed by anybody as there are times when they have a hive of activity while other times they are quiet and serene.

2. North-East Coast

If you are looking for prestige accommodation and experiences such as diving and top snorkeling, the north east coast has it all. Here you will also find Mnemba island which is known for its green turtle nesting.

3. The East Coast

The east coast of Zanzibar experiences plenty of winds and tides especially when compared to the other beaches and coastlines in Zanzibar. If you are a fan of kite surfing, this is the side of Zanzibar that you want to check out.

That said, you can also snorkel here or swim if you like. Perhaps the only downside is that you will need to walk a bit longer to reach the best spots.

4. South-East Coast

At this coast there is a much larger tidal range compared to most otherbeaches in Zanzibar. There are plenty of palms and a spectacular barrier reef. Since the villages are found close here, if you want to join the locals its only a short distance walk. One of the best towns to visit is Jambiani.

5. South Coast

Unlike the north, there are far more people located at the south coast. If you want to experience the culture then this is the best place to visit. The shallow reefs are an excellent area for snorkeling. You can even see some turtles and plenty of different colored fish. There is also the dolphin safari to look forward to.

6. The West Coast

The West coast draws in plenty of tourists who also visit Stone Town that is located here. There is plenty of seafood, and you can also find spots for snorkeling and swimming here with plenty of other beautiful sights and scenery.

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