5 Best Glamping Spots in Serengeti

June 21, 2022
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June 12, 2022
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June 21, 2022

Serengeti National Park is the iconic national park known as the soul of Tanzania. The national park spans 5,700 square miles and is well-known globally for the phenomenal Great Migration, one of land animals’ most significant migration movements. Over 1.5 million wildebeests and other animals move from the Serengeti to Maasai Mara in Kenya during the Great Migration. However, this is not the only reason the Serengeti is the most sought out national park in the world. The wildlife, landscapes, sceneries, and natural, untouched beauty of the location will mesmerize you into a trance of serenity and wonderment. The Serengeti is breathtaking, and glamping is one of the best ways to spend your vacation. Five of the best glamping spots in the Serengeti include:

Zawadi Camp

Zawadi Camp has one of the best locations in the region. The camp is situated near the center, only 24 kilometers from the Serengeti Visitor’s Center. Zawadi Camp offers spectacular and breathtaking views, beautiful glamps, and the ideal place to enjoy the sun setting in the horizon. The accommodations include six tents with private bathrooms. Zawadi Camp also offers free WiFi, has a restaurant, and provides a 24-hour front desk service. The location, facilities, comfortable glamps, and friendly staff make Zawadi Camp one of the best spots to glamp in the Serengeti. If you are lucky, you may even see lions during your morning nights, and you can even hear them in the background during the night.

Ole Serai Luxury Camp

Ole Serai Luxury Camps is another fantastic spot in the Serengeti for an amazing glamping experience. Each unit has a private verandah and balcony-like platform to enjoy the view. All the units have private bathrooms and showers. You can even opt for a glamp with a mountain view. Apart from excellent accomodations and beautiful views, Ole Serai also offers laundy services. The staff also provides a refreshing and welcoming experience. Furthermore, the food is decent, and the location also has a bar.

Asanja Africa

Asanja Africa overlooks a spectacular garden. The glamps all have gorgeous viewing decks, allowing visitors to soak in all the beauty around them. Each glamp also features a private bathroom with showers. The unique thing about Asanja Africa is that each glamp has a different theme, inspired by Maasai Ceremony.

Lamai Serengeti

Lamai Serengeti will serenade you in luxury. They are well-known for their comfortable and fabulous glamps and amazing service. Lamai Serengeti is located on the Kogakuria Kopje, providing guests with a fantastic view of the Lamai wedge. This incredible location is refreshing. The views and serenity you will find here will make you want to stay here for the rest of your life. Lamai Serengeti also offers all the other perks and facilities other glamps provide.

The Serengeti National Park has a striking beauty that will stun you each day you stay. Because of its sheer size, we recommend that you stay here for at least four nights. You will not regret it. Before you travel, you may want to check out our Top 10 Tanzania Travel Tips.

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