10 Underrated Vacation Destinations in Tanzania

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Tanzania is home to many beautiful National Parks including the Serengeti National Park, Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and many others! It’s the ideal place to go for safaris as well as water sports adventures including scuba diving and snorkeling.

Tanzania has two safari circuits, the northern circuit, which is often crowded, as well as the southern circuit, which is still a hidden gem as it’s less frequented.

If you want some quality relaxing time away from the crowds, check out these 10 underrated vacation destinations in Tanzania:


  1. The Mighty Selous Game Reserve

The Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa! Indeed, it’s Tanzania’s hidden gem. Hidden because it forms part of the southern safari circuit, which tourists don’t use often.

It offers unspoiled natural beauty as well as a diverse species of wildlife including over 300 species of birds, zebras, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, African wild dogs and black rhinos!

The Selous Game Reserve is also home to the Rufiji River, the Great Rhuha river as well as many volcanic springs.


  1. Mafia Island

Have an experience of a lifetime while swimming with the biggest fish of the Ocean, the whale sharks, at Mafia Island!

You can also go kayaking, windsurfing, birdwatching and fishing! The shorebird is a species of bird exclusively found at the Mafia Island.

It’s a less frequented island so you don’t have to worry about it being too noisy or populated!


  1. Pemba Island

Pemba Island is the best place to head over to if you’re a seafood enthusiast. You can go fishing and eat your catch. What’s better than having fresh seafood out of the Ocean?

Pemba Island is also a great place to go scuba diving, with the diverse marine species found in its reefs and high visibility of about 35 meters!

Some of the best diving sites near Pemba Island include The Edge (for white tip sharks) and the Njao Gap!

Pemba Island is also home to the Kidike Flying Fox Sanctuary, the Ngezi Forest Reserve, as well as the Pemba Museum.


  1. Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara

Kilwa Kisiwani was a famous port city of its time that was used for the trade of perfumes, crockery, silver and even gold! Its remains have great historical and archaeological significance. Remains of the Great Mosque and the Palace of Husuni Kabwa are also found here.

Just near Kilwa Kisiwani are the ruins of Songo Mnara. The ruins consist of five mosques, a palace, and other structures made of coral stones!




  1. Tanga

Visit the Amboni Caves and explore the wonderful walls of the caves. You can also chill at Tanga Beach and have a relaxing day with your family.
Moreover, the city is famous for its stunning architecture. Explore beautiful buildings like the Art Deco mansions!


  1. Rubondo Island National Park

The Rubondo Island National Park is located on an island in Lake Victoria. It’s home to a huge population of chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes and diverse bird species, especially during the migratory season.

Fishing activities are also available at the National Park! Nile perch are usually sought after by fishers!



  1. Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park, also called God’s Garden by the locals, is the perfect place to go if you’re a flower enthusiast. For 6 months of the year, from November to April, the terrain of the National Park is filled with endless wild flowers of over 300 plant species!

Not only this, but the Kitulo National Park is also home to many different bird species, including some of the endangered ones like Mountain Marsh Widow and Blue Swallow.



  1. Udzungwa National Park

This wonderful National Park has the second largest biodiversity when it comes to National Parks in Africa! You can spot the Udzungwa red colobus here, a species that is found nowhere else in the world. This National Park is home to the Sanje Waterfalls and a very scenic landscape.

There are many hiking trails available here and you can even spot the big 5!



  1. Matemwe Beach

Matemwe Beach is a relatively quiet and peaceful beach when compared to other beaches in Tanzania. It’s located on Zanzibar Island. It’s the perfect weekend getaway and a great place to go with your family. It consists of long stretches of white sand and the water here is clean and clear too.

Many interesting water sports activities including diving, snorkeling and sailing are also available here!





  1. Mikumi National Park

The Mikumi National Park is a very less frequented National Park, which means it’s a great place to have an intimate time with nature and the wildlife around you! Here, you can spot lions, hippos, buffaloes, leopards, elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest!


So, what are you waiting for? Visit Tanzania today and explore these wonderful destinations!

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