10 Things To Do At Night in Tanzania

June 21, 2022
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June 21, 2022
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June 21, 2022

Tanzania is a beautiful destination for your next vacation. However, you may think that most of the activities in Tanzania occur during the day. But that is not the case. Tanzania has a vibrant nightlife. Here are the top ten things to do at night in Tanzania. 

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Starting on the breathtaking island of Zanzibar, once you are done exploring the beaches during the day, spend your night strolling through the beautiful Stone Town. Stone Town is a historical and architecturally gorgeous place with budget-friendly stalls to purchase local items. You can also dine at the many rooftop restaurants. 

Forodhani Gardens, Zanzibar

The Forodhani Gardens is the famous Zanzibar night market. You will find an array of street food vendors making some of the best local delicacies, ranging from tantalizing seafood to thirst-quenching sugar cane juice. Make sure you try the Zanzibar pizza. 

Kendwa Full Moon Party, Kendwa

If dancing is more your style, and you are in Kendwa, you must attend the Kendwa Full Moon Party. Many locals and tourists come to the party, so it’s perfect for socializing and dancing the night away to local beats.

Union  Café, Moshi

Union Café is for coffee lovers. The café, located in Moshi, is known as The Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union. The café is dedicated to supporting local coffee growers. The beans are roasted on-site, so you will have the freshest coffee experience you will not find anywhere else.

High Spirit Lounge Bar, Dar es Salaam

Located on the rooftop of IT Mall in Dar es Salaam, High Spirit Lounge Bar is one of the more well-known night bars in the city. It is a vibrant hip bar with a spectacular view from the rooftop. The bar also serves delicately prepared Mediterranean specialties as well. It is the perfect spot to make the most of your night out

Q Bar, Dar es Salaam

Q Bar is another popular destination in Zanzibar. Like High Spirit Lounge Bar, is a well-known bar where many tourists come to have fun. Q Bar offers budget-friendly yet exquisite drinks.

Jozi Lounge, Dar es Salaam

Jozi Lounge is a lively bar with a vibe dedicated to the younger generation, with loud, pumping music and a dance floor where the party doesn’t stop. The lounge hosts karaoke and DJ nights regularly.

New Maisha Club, Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is a city with spectacular nightlife in Tanzania. New Maisha Club is another fun and chill club to hang out with during the night. It is a restaurant club where you can buy great drinks and enjoy delicious food. It has an entertaining atmosphere.

The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant & Beach Bar, Dar es Salaam

As the name suggests, this restaurant & bar is located near the beach, offering splendid ocean views. You can enjoy the sound of the tides while drinking from a great variety of wines and beers or selecting your primary course of various seafood dishes. The bar usually plays reggae or R&B music.

The Slow Leopard, Dar es Salaam

The party continues in Dar es Salaam as we head over to The Slow Leopard for a guy’s night out. The Slow Leopard is a sports bar that serves burgers, finger foods, and cold beer. It is a great place for guys to unwind after a long day.

Tanzania is a truly spectacular place to spend your vacation. Imagine the excitement once you learn more about the amazing game reserves, safaris, and national parks if the nightlife has got you going. One of the best game reserves, the Selous Game Reserve, must be on your itinerary. You can learn more about it in our Expert Guide on Selous Game Reserve Tanzania.

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