10 Most Loved Attractions in East Africa

September 12, 2021
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East Africa is known for its endless plains of game reserves and national parks, rich culture and history, scenic landscapes and rugged mountains. It’s a great place for a midsummer break or a vacation!



  1. Volcanos National Park (Rwanda)


A beautiful vast park located Northwest of Rwanda. You can go gorilla trekking in the mountains. Five out of eight volcanoes in Virunga Mountains can also be seen.

You can spot many wildlife species including golden monkeys, hyenas, bushbucks, buffalos, birds and many more.


  1. Nyungwe National Park (Rwanda)


To sum it up you can say this rainforest is the best-preserved montane rainforest in East Africa. You can spot the black and white colobus monkeys, red monkeys, and many other species. It also has an interesting canopy walkway. You can also learn how tea is grown and packed over here.


  1. Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro is one of the few places in East Africa where you can spot the Big Five. The crater located in the conservation area is very scenic. Standing by the rim of the crater whilst watching the wildlife run behind each other is exhilarating and thrilling.



  1. Mt Kilimanjaro National Park (Tanzania)


This mountain attracts about 35000 people from around the world each year, who attempt to climb it. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and offers you stunning sceneries through a variety of ecosystems.



  1. Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)


This Park is famous for having one of the oldest ecosystems in the world with a diverse range of animals. It is also known for the largest annual migration of more than 1.5 million wildebeest and 250,000 zebras. The migration serves as a feast for the crocodiles in the Mara River. Explore Tanzania with Flightlink for the best experience.



  1. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda)


Being one of the oldest and most diverse rainforests on the continent, Bwindi is home to more than 400 mountain gorillas. You can also spot baboons, chimpanzees, elephants and birds roaming around.



  1. Kibale National Park (Uganda)


If you travel to East Africa then this destination is not to be missed at all. Famous for its diverse and unique primate trekking, this park has more than 1600 chimpanzees. It’s also home to 13 different primate species. The Park offers many activities including its famous chimpanzee trekking, nature walk, birding, bushcraft and many more. 




  1. Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)


This is the most popular wildlife reserve in Kenya. It’s located near the Kenya-Tanzania border and also witnesses the Great Migration. You can spot lions, cheetahs, elephants and hippos here, amongst other wildlife. You can also enjoy activities like game drives and balloon safaris.



  1. Lake Nakuru National Park (Kenya)


Bird lovers should not miss this majestic park located near Nakuru Town. Thousands of flamingos can be spotted on the shore. If you take an ariel view, you can see how the flamingoes give the lake a pink and white hue.



  1. Amboseli National Park (Kenya)


This Park is famous for its majestic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro that’s located across the border. The Park also has an abundance of wildlife, especially elephants.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to East Africa and have a great time at these top 10 East African attractions.

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