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Dodoma is Tanzania’s capital city and is located in the center of the country. It was founded by the Germans during the building of the Tanzanian Central Railway in 1907. It lies almost equidistant - a little over 440 km (270 miles) from Dar es Salaam, the de facto and previous capital of the country, to the south east and Arusha, the headquarters of the East African Community (EAC) to the north.

Whilst having been declared the capital city mid 70s, it was only recently that the Tanzanian Government declared that all national departments had to relocate to the city, following the majority of those departments’ decisions to remain in Dar. This has now resulted in Dodoma’s importance growing as witnessed by recent infrastructural improvements and expansion.

Dodoma has a semi-arid climate, with the majority of its annual rainfall occurring during the ‘wet months’ of November to February.

It’s history, places of learning, cultural monuments and parks, as well as small but established vineyards on its outskirts attract visitors.

Dodoma Airport

Dodoma airport (ICAO - HTDO; IATA - DOD) is situated very close to the city - a mere 5 minutes drive. With a runway of 4 km (2.5m) it comfortably accommodates mid-size and small jets, as well as turbo-prop aircraft.

Flightlink flies regular scheduled flights to and from Dodoma departing and returning to Dar es Salaam.

Dodoma lies at the ‘geographic’ cross-roads of Tanzania, where the major north-south highway and Tanzanian Central Railway intersect.



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